Amber Seater: holistic counseling


Amber is a holistic counsellor, based in Missouri, who needed help to get started with a visual identity that would represent her holistic counselling approach and communicate a calm and steady presence.


Logo design
Brand discovery

Web support


Amber believes that mental and physical health are connected and that we have to look at them as a whole, which we wanted to represent in her logo.

She also recommends time in nature as part of her treatments. We pulled this connection to the natural world into her branding.

Using nature photography, we identified colours to match the client.

Some brand words we identified:


A secondary colour ensures that the logo can be used on different colour backgrounds and on top of darker photography.

Project conclusion

This project supplied Amber with some quick fixes to get her started on her journey as a brand, and it will hopefully be revisited and expanded on in the future!

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