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Re-design Becky's website to reflect her professionalism, experience, personality and values, with the goal of attracting more clients that align with her.

Another one of our goals was to move her from Wix to Webflow for a better user experience, giving her the confidence to update her portfolio regularly.


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Finding inspiration

The aim was to let the typography do a lot of the heavy lifting in this project.

One of the fonts I chose to use is based on Times New Roman, something very traditional and recognisable, that has been modernised and given a bit of an edgy vibe.

The font is called "Happy Times at the IKOB New Game Plus Ed" and can be found here.

Packaging a lot of content

Becky having a lot of experience and many good projects to showcase, it was a challenge to come up with a design that would do all of it justice and highlight everything accordingly without overwhelming a site visitor with just a wall of text.

The solution was to take inspiration from print publications and combine layouts you would see in newspapers or magazines with different ways content can be displayed that are unique to the web.

User journey

I aimed to make the user journey through the site as smooth as possible. Everything is laid out to be easy to scan and navigate at a glance.

Becky's experience speaks for itself, so I just had to make sure that a site visitor would be able to find the exact service, portfolio piece or FAQ answer that they were looking for quickly.

A focus on imagery

In addition to wanting to create a great layout for the copy, it was important to me to communicate Becky's services visually, which I achieved by using mockups and stock photos where appropriate.

Natalja did a fantastic job on my website redesign, her approach was a mix of creative and analytical – and she helped me to understand the logic behind her design decisions which really helped with a content-heavy site like mine.

It was a truly collaborative experience from start to finish and I can highly recommend working with her.

Becky Lima-Matthews, Freelance Writer, UK

What Becky said:

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